Friday, October 30, 2009

I almost cried

I almost cried over a dessert. Literally as a bite into the Chocolate Mozart at Swiss Haus Bakery the only words that came out of my mouth, repeatedly, was "I think I'm going to cry." It was that amazing. I couldn't say anything else! It was surprisingly filling. About an half an hour later as my stomach started questioning whether I should have really eatten it, I burped. I almost cried again as I reexperienced the taste. I don't think I ever had a gastric reflux taste so divine. Yes... I said divine.

Equally amazing was what Dan got, a Caramel Croquant. I was eyeing myself, so I was glad he got it. If you are a fan of buttercream icing...or butter.. you will love it. It's thick, so be forewarn, but sooooooo damn good.

What is surprisingly is that apparently Swiss Haus Bakery which is on 19th between CHestnut & Market has been there for 85 years!!! 28 years of my life missing out!!!

What made this place even cooler, was the workers. They were really friendly, very personable and helpful. I really felt like I was walking into a local corner bakery that should be in a small town... not in Center City. The Baker, Donna even popped out (not sure if it was because of our moans of delight and satisifaction). Right when i thought I couldn't handle another sweet delight.. She then proceeded to offer us a taste of one of the best fall cookies I have ever bitten into... a chewy chocolate chip gingersnap.

I have decided I will need to make it atleast a monthly stop because they had so many other choices. You should have seen me when I walked in... I didn't know what to do.

Seriously, everyone needs to go... you will never think of desserts the same way!

Check them out...

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